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“There are endless variations of this perfect day that Stewart would recommend. Take Topanga Canyon to PCH, head north and land at whichever beach isn’t too crowded. “Go to f— Venice,” she enthuses. “Go rollerblading. Bring a sandwich. People-watch.” Go to In-N-Out and have a cheeseburger or grilled cheese. Go have a taco at Yuca’s in Los Feliz.”

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The Infatuation, Eric Lane (no date)
Yuca’s is a classic – it’s been around since the 70s. Everyone agrees this tiny Mexican place is great, but good luck getting any consensus on what you should be ordering. Our favorite is the carne asada, but then we remember the cochinita pibil, the machaca, and the carnitas. There’s no bad order at this 10-seat little shack on the side of the road.

I LOVE yuca’s!!!!! It is definitely in my top 5 favorite restaurants. Everyone in the staff is super nice and the beans and meet are AMAZING!!!! So overall I WOULD recommend!!!!!!!
As a customer, their food is delicious and the service is personable. As a food delivery driver the service and kindness is wonderful. Great business!

MUST TRY! I love recommendations from foodies. Watched and follow a utuber that lives near by…. Tried what they suggested and more…..was blown away. Worth the drive and already thinking about my next visit back!

I was so hungry that I immediately wolfed down half of it. This is always the case for Yuca’s delicious food!

The best hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in So Cal. I love the sisters who work here! So cute and nice. The food is almost as good. The cochinita pibil, or pork, is very addictive, juicy and spicy. Tacos were fresh and yummy. Tortas were smaller than what I’m used to, but delicious. Burritos were filled refried beans. Aguas fresca de pina, or pineapple, drink was good. I can’t wait to go back for more.


Been coming here for 20 years now and it’s still as good as ever. Everyone is lovely. First time trying the double cheeseburger and was not disappointed, but the carne asada and the cochinita pibil are also incredible.

It felt so good to receive the welcome I got. I haven’t been here in years since I moved away but La Señora made me feel like I was just here yesterday. This is a very small place with more parking than seats but it’s perfect since most pick up and go. This place has the most delicious cheese burgers but omg their Yucatan style tacos!! YUMMMY.

Small taco shack. Bare bones menu but what they do have is exceptional! You can tell quality is high priority. Hope to come by next time I’m in LA.

Carne Asada burrito with cheese? Incredible. Green Chile burrito? Fab. Carne asada taco with cheese and jalapeno and carrots? Sensational. And just about no wait. What a great experience!

Yuca’s has amazing burritos! You order from this little lady sitting in front of the kitchen and the menu is pretty limited but everything is so good! There’s a small parking lot, but they are a quick in and out so you won’t be there long!